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Established: 1984

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Mahoney's HandyMan Services offers a wide range of expertise to help you knock off those 'To-Do' lists. Whether you want to fix that loose step, install recessed lighting in the kitchen, replace a sink or tub in the bathroom or add a second floor to your home or office, Mahoney's handyman Service will get the job done right, on time and at the right price. Your house is one of your most valuable investments. More than that, it is the place where lives are lived and memories are made. It is your home and it should reflect your tastes and interests. You might be surprised how having some home remodeling work can turn the house you live in into your home.

You can trust the experienced team at Mahoney's HandyMan Services to refresh, repair or remodel your home. Whatever your project, we'll make sure it's done right. We guarantee it. We are bonded, licensed and insured for your protection and peace of mind. Our full suite of home repair, remodeling and handyman services include:

  • Bath Remodels - A new Jacuzzi tub can transform a dull bathroom into your own personal spa. Changing out toilets and sink fixtures while you are at it can save you some money. Whatever your bathroom needs, our home repair experts can do it!
  • Windows & Doors - Give your home a fresh look and save money on your energy bill. We can reseal or replace windows and doors for you.
  • Crown Molding - You pick out the style you like, and we do the rest. Don't worry about cutting angles or installation--that's our job!
  • Soffit / Fascia / Decks - Our team is experienced in working on the structural parts of your house. We install or repair the boards that seal your house, keeping your home in great shape. Structurally sound soffits and fascia can keep pests and weather out of your house.
  • Drywall & Painting - Replacing walls can be a difficult part of remodeling a home. We will replace all or portions of your walls and then paint, leaving a brand new look.
  • Kitchen Remodels - New cabinets and counter tops modernize your home and make your kitchen more functional. We can transform your old kitchen so it fits the new you!
  • Room Remodels - Converting a room for a new purpose can make your house fit your lifestyle better. We can install fans, shelving or anything else that you need to redesign one of your rooms.
  • Ceramic Tile - Tile looks great and lasts a long time. Our home remodeling experts can lay tile correctly, giving your home a change for you, your children and even your pets.
  • Handyman Jobs - Our team can fix or replace anything, turning your house into a home. Inside or out we have the experience and know how. Give us a call and we will help you with any of the things on your homes "to do" list.
  • Much, Much More...

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